Supporting the Mountain Play...

…preserves a long tradition of outdoor theatre on Mount Tamalpais, and it helps weave the fabric of our community by bringing us together to celebrate story, music, and nature.

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Why is it Important to Support Musical Theatre?

Storytelling provides a shared experience of what it is to be human. It poses questions that encourage a deeper understanding of our existence. Undoubtedly, storytelling is essential to how we perceive the world around us.

Music engages the human spirit by creating and inspiring deep emotional connections beyond the bounds of language.

Woven together, music and storytelling are a powerful expression of our collective voice. They are the most accessible of the modern performing arts.

As people become less connected from one another and from nature, we crave a uniting, shared experience. From that shared experience, we are reminded of the riches to be found in each other’s stories. Finally, live performance art surrounded by the exquisite beauty of nature gets us back to our roots!

While we are proud of Mountain Play’s artistic accomplishments, as leaders we have a responsibility to look ahead. Preserving the stability of our longstanding tradition in a rapidly changing world is our goal. Above all, we ensure that our programming remains relevant to the shifting culture and sustainable for the future. With the support from our community, Mountain Play can continue the adventure.

Your Dollars at Work – Engage, Share, Build, Improve!

Your dollars not only support excellent outdoor theatre, but also go to our growing community commitment:

  • Engage children in their first live theatre experience and encourage a lifelong love of theatre. – Arts Ed
  • Share the environmental beauty of Mount Tamalpais State Park with its future stewards and protectors. – Redwoods
  • Build community by annually engaging a broad range of local organizations. – Day on the Mountain
  • Improve the quality of performing arts opportunities in the Bay Area for artists and patrons. – Accessibility

ENGAGE – Arts Education and Environmental Stewardship

Since 2011, the Play for Arts Sake outreach program has provided free or discounted tickets to Mountain Play performances for children ages 13 and under. We have also helped raise money for local arts programs such as: Can Do! (foundation for Dixie School District), Kiddo! (foundation for Mill Valley School District), Youth in Arts, San Rafael High School and Terra Linda High School.

SHARE – Redwoods Retirement Community Center

Every year, since 1995, the Mountain Play presents an annual musical revue at The Redwoods senior community in Mill Valley. Most of the audience are patrons who can no longer make it up to the mountain.

BUILD – Community Ties with Other Local Non-Profits

Since 1993, the Day on the Mountain outreach program has introduced low-income and at-risk children and adults to musical theatre and the healing natural beauty of Mount Tamalpais State Park. Working with Bay Area social service agencies, the Mountain Play provides reserved seating tickets, a guided nature hike on the mountain, boxed lunches, show tee-shirts and round-trip transportation.

IMPROVE – Accessibility for All Patrons

In the early 1980s, special accommodations were developed for patrons with wheelchairs, including the grading of a path to the theatre and the construction of a shaded wheelchair platform.

In 1980, the Mountain Play introduced sign language interpretation at its performances on Mount Tamalpais, and every year hearing interpreters sign at least one performance. No special reservation required.