Mountain Play Memorial Funds

Their legacies continue to inspire

Honor those Mountain Play leaders who left their legacy to inspire us. It truly takes a village to sustain this beloved organization. From board members, contributors, and directors, these leaders believed the Mountain Play experience was to be treasured. These individuals knew the power of the shared story is fundamental to the human experience.

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Marilyn Smith Memorial Legacy Fund

Marilyn was the founder of the modern Mountain Play in 1979, reviving the tradition by changing the productions to musicals. She was the force behind the scenes for 27 years as Producer and Executive Director. Her successors can still hear Marilyn's guidance whispering through the trees on the mountain. Contributions in her honor support the organization's sustainability, allowing her legacy to thrive.

James Dunn

James Dunn Artistic Fund

James was the Mountain Play's Artistic Director from 1982 to 2012 and the father of the modern Mountain Play. Contributions in his honor support the continued development of the Mountain Play as a place for artists to create, tell stories, and thrive.

Gage Schubert Reserve Fund

Gage served as president of the board and was a major investor in the revival of the Mountain Play from the 1980s to the late 2010s. Contributions in his memory provide funding for the organization's Reserve Fund – protection in the event of unexpected expenses or financial loss.

Ray Kaliski, Sr. Memorial Fund

Ray Kaliski, Sr. Memorial Fund

In addition to being a loving patriarch, Ray generously donated to hundreds of charities. Ray also supported his youngest son's dream to start The Harbor Point Charitable Foundation, which has since raised millions for local charities and those in need. Contributions in Ray's honor support accessibility and community development.

Judy Barr Memorial Fund

Judy gave the Mountain Play a lifetime of enthusiastic support and brought three generations up to the mountain. Judy knew the importance of sharing the mountain experience with friends and family.

Tom Ashley Volunteer Development Fund

Tom served on the board for 12 years and as president for two years. Contributions to this fund honor Tom and his service to the Mountain Play through the development of volunteer services and training.

Grace Flannery Fund for EDI

Grace Flannery's dedicated support to the Mountain Play as a leadership consultant and educator helped guide the Mountain Play to putting its values into action. Contributions to Grace's fund honor her through the restricted use of the funds for the continued development of the Mountain Play as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

Dick Matthews Memorial Fund

Dick Matthews served as Board President with grace, strength, and a sense of humor. His passionate leadership led the Mountain Play through its 100th Anniversary season in 2013 and into its next century.

John Deckert Memorial Fund

An artist in his own right, John's former board leadership and deep artistic integrity fostered the continued development of the organization's vision for and support of the arts.

Heather Preston & Alan Mooers Memorial Fund

Heather and Alan were true shepherds of the Mountain Play’s belief that story-telling is to be a shared experience. As ambassadors, they continued to introduce new individuals to the organization and host groups each season.