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Ross Valley Players Volunteer Page

To volunteer for our production of Gypsy: A Musical Fable. Please visit our Venue’s Volunteer Page linked above.
Or reach out to the Ross Valley Players Volunteer Coordination Eleanor Prugh via email. CLICK HERE

Volunteer On The Mountain

WE NEED YOU! Every spring we need up to 80 volunteers per show, which means we need over 480 volunteers every spring production. Please read below for our COVID-19 policy and updated application process.

VOLUNTEER POSITION DESCRIPTIONS are below. Please read through them carefully to find the best shift for you.

You need to fill out an application for every volunteer, in order to volunteer. Each volunteer, regardless of age, must submit an application. Parents, teams, and groups need to fill out a separate application for everyone in their party.

Did you know your company might also make a donation to our non-profit for the volunteering hours you do? You could double your Impact! Check if your company doubles your donation.

General Volunteer Guidelines

  • Please arrive ½ hour earlier than your start time to check in with the Community Engagement Coordinator at the front gate, get your t-shirt, secure your seats in the theatre, and get trained by your station leader.
  • There will be a volunteer shuttle pick up at Tamalpais High School at 8 a.m. and then at 8:30 a.m. The ride up should take 30-45 minutes. If you start earlier than the shuttle arrives, please plan accordingly. There’s free parking available at the Rock Springs Parking Lot for volunteers before 9 a.m.
  • Bring a lunch and a water bottle (or money to purchase food and drink). Wear layers and be prepared with appropriate outdoor clothing and a good pair of walking shoes.
  • The duration of each volunteer post will vary from five to eight hours.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Volunteer Descriptions

Volunteers help board members set up and seat reserved seating ticket buyers. This is a good job for active volunteers who like to talk and listen. This job requires a lot of walking up and down the amphitheater steps. (Recommended for NCL volunteers)

Volunteers tear tickets and hand out programs. Ticket takers are many of the playgoer’s first impression of the Mountain Play so it’s important to have an enthusiastic and cheerful attitude to help set the tone for the day. Volunteers will be stationed at the front gate or 1 of the 3 side gates. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

Sell Mountain Play memorabilia at the Merchandise Booth! Engage with excited patrons who want a little Mountain Play bling. Volunteers should be comfortable handling cash transactions as well as answering general patron questions. This job requires volunteers to return at intermission and can require some heavy lifting.

Volunteers clean, organize, rent and sell stadium seats to patrons before the show. Volunteers should be comfortable handling cash transactions. This job requires volunteers to return to the booth after the show and some heavy lifting.

Work with board members selling beer and wine. This booth keeps volunteers busy as it is one of the more popular booths with patrons. Volunteers must be 21 or older with a valid ID. Volunteers should be comfortable handling cash transactions. This job requires volunteers to return to the booth at intermission.

Volunteers at the sno-cone booth make sno-cones. Weather permitting, this booth is very popular and keeps volunteers on their toes. This job requires volunteers to return to their booth at intermission. Be prepared with appropriate clothing to manage ice and syrup. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

Bus greeters help the parking staff keep the flow of traffic moving safely at the front gate by greeting patrons as they arrive on the buses. They ensure the safety and enjoyment of patrons at the beginning of their experience at the Mountain Play. Greeters are the first people many Mountain Play patrons see so it is important to be cheerful and upbeat. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

This is a great job for volunteers who are good sales people and enjoy engaging patrons. The raffle is a huge part of our fundraising efforts and brings in up to $20,000 every year that is critical to producing our quality shows. This job requires volunteers to return at intermission and walk up and down the amphitheater steps.

Volunteers working at the Accessible Platforms help patrons who may need additional assistance from the golf cart to their seats. This job requires active listening and problem solving to help with changes in the arranged seating and occasional heavy lifting. This job also requires volunteers to stay until all of the patrons using accessible seating have exited the theatre safely. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

Ushers help patrons find seats and ensure safety and enjoyment of all patrons during their Mountain Play experience. Diplomacy skills and a sense of humor are very helpful in this job. This job requires volunteers to walk up and down the amphitheater steps and to work before and during the show to keep aisles clear for everyone’s safety. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

Volunteers act as ambassadors for Mountain Play to welcome and assist groups who have participated in the Mountain Play Outreach program. Volunteers act as the group’s private ushers to enjoying their day on the mountain. This job requires walking up and down the amphitheater steps and some heavy lifting. (Recommended for NCL Volunteers)

Hike Down Guides help people make their way down the mountain after the show. It is one of the most traditional, wonderful Mountain Play volunteer positions. You are posted at critical turns along the hike down trail and help point hikers in the right direction. This job does require volunteers to be in good hiking shape. To see the show, guides must arrive before 2pm. It’s best for guides to hike or take the bus to the amphitheater. Shuttles will be available to take you back to Mountain Play shuttle stops.

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