The Environment – Protecting Art in Nature

“The Mountain Play began as both an artistic celebration of the beauty of Tamalpais and as a means of bringing together the hiking community with the goal of preserving this natural beauty that was threatened by private land developers in the early 20th century.” – Tom Killion, forward of Marin’s Mountain Play: 100 Years of Theatre on Mount Tamalpais

P erforming in a state park, surrounded by giant curly, flaking madrone trees, the Mountain Play aims to create harmony between all of our activities and nature. This means we consider all our environmental impacts, from building the sets to what we sell at our merchandise booth. For example, the stage each show is performed on is built up from the dirt each year. Then everything is removed and returned to nature at the end of each run, leaving no trace of our festival. During the performances, the rocks, trees, and even the fog become characters in the stories being told on stage.

It’s a gift and a joy to perform beautiful stories on stage alongside the stories being told in nature. However, as artists for the environment, we take responsibility for all our actions and footprint on and off the mountain. Steps we can all take to create a healthier world will manifest in a safer environment for the Mountain Play and future generations.

Please use this page to understand the problems that the environment faces and the countless resources for solutions for both individuals and companies.