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Parent's of all kinds can enjoy theatre to foster constructive conversations

Parent’s Place is a resource entirely devoted to help you enjoy theatre with your whole family. Theatre, like most art, is a great way to provoke thoughts and emotions, which can be a fantastic opportunity to start a conversation. This resource is aimed at doing just that!

We know that parents have a lot to think about. Theatre is an incredible tool to build and strengthen empathy and sometimes it can be challenging for the whole family to navigate. Often parents want to know: “Is this show appropriate for children?”

On this page you will find information about the theatre in general, such as what to expect and how to manage being in an outdoor venue. Enjoy!

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Theatre Games for Quarantine?

Check out our Instagram for posts with theatre games for you and your family and friends to play. Find ways to engage your artistic and creative self and go PLAY!

Theatre Etiquette

It’s a great idea to talk with your family what to expect at the theatre and what’s expected of them. Here are some great ideas that apply to all theatre in addition to Mountain Theatre!

  1. Most Important: Feel free to laugh, applaud and enjoy – your honest reactions to what’s happening on stage is appreciated. Parents, please feel free to participate in this way too!
  2. Please enjoy your program to learn more about the play, creative team and actors.
  3. There will be a 20 minute intermission for snacks and bathroom breaks
  4. Please keep all aisles and stairs clear for emergencies and maybe actors, too.
  5. Photos, audio and video recording of any part of the performance is strictly prohibited.
  6. If you do need to leave your seat during the performance, please walk up the theatre steps and out behind the audience to avoid disrupting someone’s view
  1. Listen to announcements during the day – we share important information to make your day a safe and enjoyable experience
  2. There will be a 20 minute intermission for snacks and bathroom breaks
  3. One of the advantages of our beautiful theatre is that crying/disruptive children (and adults) can move from the performance area to other parts of the theatre village for a break.
  4. Respect the space of others: Please help everyone’s enjoyment by not moving the blankets or possessions of others. Please don’t use the stones behind you as a backrest so others have room for their feet.
  5. Enjoy the entire performance! Please avoid leaving early to “beat the crowd” since you’ll be inhibiting others from enjoying the end of the show.

Mountain Theatre Environmental Consideration

In Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre, we get to watch theatre AND be out in Mount Tamalpais State Park. For a parent, it’s good to know what to expect in the world of the theatre.

Enjoy Mount Tamalpais State Park!

Enjoy a beautiful day and PLAY outdoors. Take a hike and go out to see some of the beautiful sights and animals around Mount Tamalpais – it’ll be worth it!

Stay Hydrated

Water, water, water!

Drink plenty of water and if consuming alcoholic beverages drink even more water.

Sun Protection

Stay Cool in the Sun

Please enjoy sun protection: sun screen, sunglasses, hats, lip balm and even a light shirt to throw over your shoulders are all great ideas! Remember, even when it is foggy, the sun can still burn.

Leave No Trace

Respect the Environment

Please remember that we are in a state park and to always clean up after you picnic and carry out what you bring in.

Recycle Vs Landfill

Organizing Picnic Waste

Please recycle and deposit all trash into proper receptacles. Here is a guide for what to recycle in Marin: Marin Sanitary Service

First Aid Info

FIRST AID is located in the theatre village past the concession booths. In case of an emergency, please notify staff.

Ticks and Other Insects

Please stay out of grass and brush to avoid ticks. It’s a great idea to shake out all clothing and blankets to avoid hijacking critters. Here’s some information about ticks and other insects on Mount Tamalpais from Marin Mommies!

Reptiles in the Parks

Snakes, Lizards, and You, OH MY

There are all kinds of reptiles warming up in the sun on Mount Tamalpais, including rattlesnakes.  If you see one, back away slowly and alert staff of snake’s location.  Baby rattlesnakes may look cute, but can be even more dangerous than their elders. Reptiles can carry salmonella on their skin, so please observe them from a distance.