Definitely! After the show, if you took a shuttle bus up from Mill Valley, you can hike back down and leave your belongings for us to drive down after you. Here’s what you do: first, bus up to see the show. Then afterward, leave your belongings, like coolers or bags or picnic baskets, at the bottom right corner of the amphitheatre. There will be a shuttle to load everything into. Your hike starts at the top left-hand corner, on the Rock Springs Trail, towards the West Point Inn. Download a HIKE DOWN GUIDE HERE. You can also pick one up on the day of the performance at the Merchandise Booth.

We offer a mid-way point pickup, so if you’re tired when you get to the Mountain Home Inn, you can stop there. Refresh yourself with some beverages or a snack, and then catch our Midway shuttle at 6: 30, 6:50, or 7:10 p.m. back to your car. If you’re feeling good and want to walk all the way to Mill Valley, go for it! Your belongings will be there waiting for you at the Bank of Marin parking lot, where you can board another shuttle back to your car.

All along the way are Mountain Play Volunteers to help you stay on the correct trail. Please give them a Hey Ho holler as you walk on by!

If you take part, you’re involved in a very long tradition of original Mountain Play goers. You’re an honorary Mountain Play Hiker.