Mountain Play Arts Education Program

Students at Davidson Middle School create sacred objects and stories using themes from Beauty and the Beast.

Our programs feature specialized curriculum for young students to explore acting and the world of theatre, sometimes for the first time.

The students participating in our Arts Education Program are immersed in a ten week course in theatre. The finale of this rich educational experience is a journey to the amphitheatre to see a Mountain Play performance. Once there students see the show for free, get a free lunch and t-shirt, and an opportunity to meet and interview the actors.
In partnership with Bay Area Community Resources and LEAP, the Mountain Play teaches at Davidson Middle School in San Rafael. Our program focuses on students of families with limited incomes and who don’t have a chance to interact with theatre. Themes from the season are used to develop yearly curriculum, and help determine what the final project will be.
For example, in 2016 our teaching artists used themes from the production of WEST SIDE STORY. That year, the program enabled students to explore challenging issues of racism, immigration, bullying, violence and intolerance. Because of the safe environment created, students felt open to express emotions and through their theatrical expression, create! Through games and activities, the students in the program were exposed to the imaginative and creative aspects of theatre. Their passion for the art was ignited, and they built strong connections with their peers.
Every year our program focuses on fun, safe risk-taking, and the joy of theatre. Through training in voice, body, and imagination, students learn to express their feelings and learn their own story telling techniques.