Theatre Arts Education Program

Kids playing Tableux game

It’s part of our mission!

To provide enriching live musical theatre that stimulates creativity, to engage and unite our community, and to foster a lifelong enjoyment of the arts.

Due to Covid-19, The Mountain Play has taken the opportunity to move our Theatre Arts Education online! On our YouTube channel, there are a number of improv games and historical videos. Starting Friday, July 24th, we are proud to present our Color Your Voice Workshops. In honor of letting your voice be heard democratically in the upcoming elections, we are leading theatrical and vocal exercises to develop your unique voice through videos. Please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep up to date with our ongoing series.

We are expanding the arts program on the mountain for ALL.

Before the performances of Grease, in a space we call PLAYland, the Mountain Play piloted a theatre games program with audience members. Guests of all ages were able to enjoy active and engaging entertainment before the show.

“At PLAYland, I saw the wonder that comes from playing and play-making as we cultivated the idea that theatre is truly for all ages. I found that we were able to make a day at the Mountain Play an immersive experience for everyone!

-Experienced teaching artist and veteran Mountain Play actor, Marlee Mesarchik

We are looking forward to building on this project to bring you more in-person theatre games for all at every performance.

Momentum is building!

Sharing the joy of theatre isn’t possible without engagement with our community. If you are interested in supporting our Education Program and its growth, please contribute here. If you are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact Eileen Grady at [email protected].

Mountain Play Theatre Education Program

Since 2015, Mountain Play is committed to teaching after-school classes. Every year we expose kids to theatre who otherwise would not have the opportunity. During the 2019 season, our teachers witnessed a group of boys playing the tableaux game with as much fervor as a video game was joyous. Students who participate in our Arts Education Program at Davidson Middle School are immersed in a ten-week course in theatre arts. The finale of this rich educational experience is a journey to the amphitheatre to see a Mountain Play performance. Once there, students see the show for free, get a free lunch and t-shirt, and an opportunity to meet and interview the actors.

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