Advocacy & Learning

Mountain Play believes everyone should be able to enjoy the pleasure of a shared experience of live musical theatre. However, there are many in our community who don’t get this opportunity. With support from our sponsors, Mountain Play strives to expand access to our theatre experience by eliminating economic and physical barriers to participation.

  • Increases engagement in live performing arts by exposing a broad audience to high quality musical theatre.
  • Enriches lives by annually hosting underserved communities, introducing children and adults to a day in nature and their first theatre experience.
  • Promotes environmental citizenship by bringing 12 to 15 thousand people each year to the State Park and providing education about their natural environment.
  • Builds a healthy community by supporting organizations from retirement homes and Scout Troops to service organizations and local schools.
  • Supports the local economy by bringing customers from three counties to patronize Marin’s businesses.
  • Enhances the quality of life in Marin by providing jobs and training for hundreds of theatre and musical artists each year.
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